Trump Exposes Nancy Pelosi’s Son Dealings In Ukraine

Trump Exposes Nancy Pelosi’s Son Dealings In Ukraine,

One America News reported on a promotional video that surfaced on December 25,that featured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her son Paul dealings in Ukraine.

President Trump didn’t waste the opportunity and trolled the Speaker of the House saying, “Wow Crazy Nancy, what’s going on? This is big stuff!”

According to One America News (that’s carrying the torch nowadays),

Paul Pelosi was a board member at Viscoil and an executive at a related company called NRGLab in Ukraine.

Now Following OAN reports:

Just two years after this video was uploaded, Pelosi led a Congressional delegation to Ukraine to discuss issues like energy security.

And her son traveled to the country as recently as 2017 on behalf of the Corporate Governance Initiative where he now serves as executive director.

While the official reason for his visit was to discuss a youth soccer partnership, clips from that trip are now being removed from online.

One of those clips was saved by the American Mirror with the caption, “What’s Really Going on Here?”

A reporter for the American Mirror did track down Paul Pelosi and did question him.

“You have a corporate governance business and you’re here in Ukraine speaking with

representatives from the government, investment bankers, certain things related to soccer?”

What was Pelosi’s response? He said, “Exactly.”

Also the video did not say Pelosi did anything wrong, but on November 19, 2019,

it appears Paul Pelosi is facing some allegations of fraud and abuse.

A lawsuit filed by one of Paul Pelosi’s ex-girlfriends Karena Feng claims that

Paul stole her property, was abusive, and forced her to have an abortion.

Also you can watch the promotional video,

the OAN report President tweeted out and the allegations of fraud being lodged against Paul Pelosi below.

Also It sure seems that like Hunter Biden the ex-girlfriends could be both of their undoings.


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