Tom Selleck:’Hollywood Libs Want Child Marriage To Be Legal’

Tom Selleck is an ardent supporter of our President and he does not hide this fact. He campaigned vigorously for Trump in 2016 and his efforts brought some change to California.

Liberal Hollywood fought him and tried to blacklist him but he persisted and came out on top as the star of a new and successful series, Blue Bloods. And now he’s speaking out about Hollywood’s deep, dark secrets.


“The liberal Hollywood society is incredibly depraved. Morality does not exist, at least not morals like yours or mine. Particularly in the area of sexuality. That community is sick. I lost count of the number of times I’ve been offered young girls – children really – to use for my pleasure. Never did I accept, of course but the point is that it’s commonplace. It’s what passes for normal there.

There’s a growing movement in that cesspool to lower the age of consent or even eliminate it. They want to make child marriage legal and that age of consent is part of that. Kids! They want to marry kids!

Hollywood is a playground of rich and powerful perverts and criminals and they are completely unapologetic about it. I’m still an actor and am acting here, but I rejected that community long ago.”

It’s refreshing to see that some in Hollywood still possess Christian values and have rejected the demons that control the rest of the community. Thank you Tom for speaking out.

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