Rep. Ilhan Omar Flies Into A Rage After Being Caught Trying Profit Off A Food Bank

The corrupt, under investigation Rep. Ilhan Omar, got herself in hot water again after she was caught trying to profit off a food bank.

Conservative journalist from PJ Media David Steinberg caught Rep. Ilhan Omar using a Minnesota Food Bank to make money and posted it on twitter. “Yet another @IlhanMN campaign finance problem: @IlhanMN posted this tweet on Tuesday, then deleted it at some point after it received this reply.”

Steinberg showed pictures of the now-deleted post. Omar wrote that she had partnered with the Greater Minneapolis Community Connections and was requesting donations to support them.

That was until the post was seen by the Director for the GMCC who replied she had not partnered with the Congresswoman and has no idea where this money was going, that’s when Omar deleted her tweet.

Omar was hoping that her little scheme was under the radar but, when she found out Steinberg posted she flew into a rage.

Notice she never addressed the fact that she used the GMCC for donations to “Act Blue” a Democrat fundraising site. A google search on Act Blue revealed only the ability to donate to Rep. Omar’s campaign, there was nothing about the GMCC. The GMCC was conducting a donation drive and it ended on April 30th; Omar’s donation tweet to “Act Blue” was posted on May 5th. GMCC has not reported any partnership with Rep. Ilhan Omar.


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